Abdominoplasty (Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery / Tummy Tuck)

karin germeDuring abdominoplasty, excessive skin and fat tissue which is the middle and lower abdominal area are removed. At the same time abdominal muscles are stretched. Sagging and cracking might occur in abdominal area due to either gaining or loosing weight or pregnancy. Abdominoplasty can eliminate sagging areas, birth lines and cracks. Abdominoplasty is not recommended if you want to lose weight. Before the implementation of abdominoplasty, loosing weight enables both patients to have less risky and better results.Depending on the amount of excited tissue, this operation is named as either abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty. In mini abdominoplasty, the place of umblicus is not changed and less amount of tissue is excited than abdominoplasty requires. During the abdominoplasty operation, liposuction can also be done in necessary area. If you require further information, aesthetic surgeon will help you figure out the most suitable method for you.

Am I a suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

As required in all aesthetic operations patients need to be healthy. If you consider giving a birth in the near future, this operation can be postponed. Fort his operation, you have to wait at least one year after giving a birth. Women and men with loose skin and fat in the abdominal area will benefit from abdominoplasty. Another advantage of this operation is that tummy tuck surgery can eliminate the birth lines and the cracks at the bottom of the tummy. Although post operative scar is longer than cesarian scar, this scar can be hidden under the bikini. The person, who has an operation, has to stop smoking as smoking can damage wound healing.


Tummy tuck is performed in operating room and under the general anesthesia. Operation duration takes about 2 hours, but this duration is changabledepending on the type of the operation; total or mini abdominoplasty. If liposuction is added, operation period extend. A patient is supposed to stay two or three over nights at the hospital.

After the operation

After the operation a corset surrounding your abdominal region is used for 3 weeks. Following the operation patient could take a bath three days later. For the following 6 weeks after the operation, sauna, solarium, steam bath, sun bathing and active sports should be avoided. For the first 4 weeks after the operation, lifting weights should be avoided.

Tummy tuck surgery will correct your body features and will provide you a tense and flat stomach. After this intervention, you will be comfortable in your cloths and your confidence will increase.



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