Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

kol germeBecause of aging, sagging might be observed on the upper arms.. Large weight loss may lead to sagging on the upper arm among young people. This problem might appear as a bag of flesh on the lower side of the upper arm when the arm extended outward. Especially women complain about unpleasant view when they wear sleeveless clothes. This problem can be solved with arm lifting which is known as brachioplasty.

Am a suitable candidate for armlift?

If aging and large weight loss among young people lead to sagging tissue on the upper arm, arm lift could be taken into consideration. If arms are large because of fatting and there is not sagging, arm lift is not suitable. Liposuction is prefferred in this case. Whereas scars are not seen in liposuction, they are inevitable in arm lifting procedure. But scars can be hidden on lower side of upper arm so scars are not seen in normal position..


Surgery generally is performed under general anesthesia. Support garments are worn after the operation. Bruising and swelling which are temporary, might be seen after the operation. Patient might resume working generally a week after the operation. Person who undergoes armlift should avoid strenuous activities for a month.



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