Eyebrow Lift

kas kaldirmaEyebrows sag due to aging and gravity. Sagging brows fall onto the upper lids, which causes aged and tired look and can be recovered with eye brow lifting. Eyebrow lifting provide fresh, young and happy look. Before the operation, patient is shown a simulated view of in front of mirror.

The most simplest and the most temporary method of eye brow lifting is botox injection. Another method is the application of special sutures. The effect of this application lasts longer than botox injection. In addition to these methods eyebrow lifting can also be done with endoscopic forehead lifting. Eyebrow lifting provides you with younger younger, fresher and more attractive look.


Eyebrow operation can be done under the local anesthesia. You might go home immediately after the operation. On the endoscopic eyebrow lifting, scar problems are not seen as the insicion is done in the hairy area.


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