Neck Aesthetics

boyun estetigiThis operation aims to eliminate sagging under the chin. Neck aesthetics operation can be applied alone as well as an integrated part of face lift operations. If neck midline has sagging but neck sides do not have any problem, incision of under the chin is generally sufficent. If removal of the fat under the chin eliminate the problem liposuction will be sufficient. However, if sagging is too much and neck muscles are affected, neck muscles under the chin are tightened via incision. If creases and sags exist in the neck sides, incisions could be applied to the back of ears. By doing so, excessive skin is removed.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Neck Aesthetics?

Normally chin and neck are separeted by a line. If oblig line lies laterally between chin and neck due to fatting and sagging, neck lift is essential. Boundary between chin and neck can be made by the removal of sagging on neck. In this way, boundary-line between chin and neck looks better.


Neck lifts must be done under the general anesthesia in the hospital. Surgery takes about two hours. Neck bandage must be applied during post-operative ten days. Post-operative bruising, swelling and numbness are normal and temporary.


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