Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic Nose Surgery)

rhinoplastiRhinoplasty, which means reshaping of nose, is most commonly performed aesthetic operation. Nose which stays in the middle of face is the most important unit which is one of the factors affecting beauty of face. Well proportioned nose is the component of beauty face. Nose should be proportioned to mentum, forehead, eyebrow, eyes and lips. Nasal tip, nasal dorsum, wings of nose and nostrils should also be proportioned. Deformities of nose could result from trauma or congenital. Some noses are orginally beautiful but they could look big or small in proportion to face. Aesthetic nose operations might be considered for these problems. Aesthetic nose operations provide patient to get rid of hump and have more beautiful nasal tip. Nose could be enlarged or shrunk through rhinoplasty. Problems of nose which impair taking breath can be corrected at the same time. Wider nostrils could be narrowed, the nasolabial angle could be changed.

The aim of rhinoplasty is to make a natural nose which is well proportioned to the face. Please remember that ideal nose is the one which does not loose its naturallook and is not noticed after rhinoplasty operation.

Am I a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty?

Before the operation, you should think about why you want rhinoplasty and what’s your expectation from operation and you should talk about these concerns with your doctor. You should clearly state your expectation from the operation to your surgeon and consider your surgeons advice on the possibility of obtaining this result and if this operation would be appropriate choice based on your face type. Decision of operation must be taken intrinsicly without any exterior factor.


Rhinoplasty could be done as closed or open technique. This decision should be determined by plastic surgeon. As is in other aesthetic operations, this operation also requires having good health and realistic expectation.The main goal of this operation is not solely to have a beatiful nose but a well proportioned nose to face. The duration of operation can change but it lasts approximately two hours. Rhinoplasty is done under the general anesthesia.

After the operation

A companion after the operation will make you feel at comfert and is recomended. Nasal splint or nasal packing are aplied after the operation. I prefer nasal splint because of its comfort to the patients. Swelling and bruising around the eyes is possible. This situation is temporary and subsides in ten days.

Almost all patients, undergoing aesthetic nose surgery, walk in two days. They might return to school or work a week after the operation. You should avoid activities causing blood pressure to raise such as running, swimming, gym and sex for about two weeks. You should avoid traumas to nose for about eight weeks, and you should avoid sun exposure.

You may use contact lenses whenever you need, but you should avoid using glasses for about two months.

Sometimes revisions may be required to get desired results.



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