Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

cinsel organ estetigiThedemand for aesthetic genital surgeries are increasing in recent years. A lot of women who have aesthetic problems in genital area suffer psychologically. Therefore, she has problems when having a course with her partner. The chief problems of aesthetic genital areas are in vulvar and labial areas. Inner labias of vagina could be big and sag which might be congenital or acquired later. Women, having genital appearance problems, avoid wearing bikini or thight trousers. The genital appearance problems cause the person to avoid having intercourse which might pose a threat to their relationship. The healthy and blessed relationship depends on the self confidence of the person. The aesthetic genital surgery provides much more than merely recovering the appearance. People who get rid of aesthetic genital problems gain self confidence.

Sometimes outer labias and pubic area named inverted triangle could be fatty. Therefore, hyperhidrosis, fungal infections and odor could be seen. The fatty pubic area cause bad appearance esspecially when bikini is worn. The fatty pubic areas can be removed with liposuctionand excessive outer labias can be removed through reduction. It is not important weather woman has had intercourse org iven birth prior to the operation. Aesthetic genital surgery can be performed after puberty and does not damage hymen.

The outer vaginal labias fullness might loose volume. In this case, fat injection might be performed. The surgeon, who performs surgery, informs the patient regarding the rules to be obeyed.



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