Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)

cinsel organ estetigiVaginoplasty is a surgical technique that strengthens the vaginal walls. Vaginoplasty tightens vaginal muscles by surrounding soft tissues and reducing excess vaginal lining.

An enlarged vagina could be seen after birth-giving, aging or genetically. Vagina could loosen due to hormonal effects without even vaginal delivery. Sometimes cuts, named episiotomy, which could be made in order to easy birth or extensive distension resulting from birth cause weakness and looseness in vagina. Vagina also loosens and weakens caused by large baby giving, multiple delivery and aging. Loosened and weakened vagina could not enclose partner’s penis so it causes arousal and orgasmic inadequacy. These cause problems about intercourse. Vaginal dryness could be seen in loosened vagina, which causes pain during intercourse.


Vaginoplasty is done in a hospital under local or general anesthesia. It usually takes 45 minutes. Sutures are not needed because of self-melted sutures. Person who has vaginoplasty operation should avoid intercourse for about four weeks. Vaginoplasty has positive effects on both woman and man associated with intercourse.



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