BOTOX® Applications

botox uygulamasiBotox® is a toxin which is secreted by bacteria named Clostridium Botilinum. This toxin which is used for treatment is prepared in laboratory. Botox blocks interaction on nerve-muscle junction. Botox® is used for wrinkles, hyperhidrosis and migraine. The effect of Botox® is temporary and limited to local area.

Dynamic facial lines occur due to mimic muscles. We might look angry even though we are not, we might be seen older than we are and we might look unhappier than we are because of dynamic facial lines. Botox® is necessary to solve some problems without surgery. If there are sagging and deep wrinkles, Botox® is not adequate.

Botox® is an effective method to recover facial wrinkle between eyebrows, on the forehead and on the edge of the eyes. It can also be applied upper lip wrinkles and neckline.

Botox® is not recommended in pregnancy and lactation period. If you have a neurological problem, you should inform your doctor.


Although Botox® injection does not have high level of pain, anesthetic creams or cold implementation are necessary to prevent the pain. It is injected in marked points. Injection takes approximately 20 minutes and you can go back to your daily routine immediately. Botox® effects start 3-7 days and last approximately 4-6 months. Repeated injections increase this period.

There are very few side effects, if the injection is carried out by expert and experienced doctors. Headache or temporary eyelid impairment are seen very rarely as a result of the injection in the wrong place. Slight redness can occur rarely at the injection site; however, it can be easily hidden with make up.



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