Filling Materials

dolgu uygulamasiFilling aplications can be performed by using either self tissue such as fat tissue or prepared fillers. In this section, only the information about fillers is given. If you seek further information regarding fat injection, please see facial aesthetic section.

Some areas on the body do not have adequate volume because of genetical or traumatic reasons Caused by genetical reasons or aging, decrease in subcutan tissues and sagging occur. They cause nasojugal groove below the orbitas, nose-lip lines above upper lip, Marionette lines which lie down between lower lip and jaw and decreasing volume of cheeks. Filler materials might be used on each area of the body yet most commonly used areas are cheeks, lips and wrinkles.

The most frequently asked question is wheather the effect of fillers is temporary or permanent. The effect of some safe fillers last up to two years. Although there are permanent fillers, they are not safely applied. Removal of permanent fillers is fairly troublesome.



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