Breast Reduction Operations

meme kucultmeThe largeness of the breasts is caused by genetical, hormonal and some ilnesses. Weight changes, pregnancy, lactation and gravity cause breast sagging. Large and pitotic breasts can cause some problems. The goals of breast reduction are to obtain natural, well proportioned with body and symmetrical apperance. This operation provides more projectable and smaller breasts. Breast reduction operations are performed after breast maturity.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast reduction?

  • If you have a large breasts,
  • If you have pain of back, neck and shoulder,
  • If you have trace on shoulder caused by brassiere,
  • If you have repetetive redness in submammary area,
  • If you have a problem while choosing clothes,
  • If you have asymetrical breasts,
  • If you have a lack of confidence due to large breasts, you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction operation.


There are different techniques of breast reduction operations. The person, who wants breast reduction, should consult with a doctor regarding her wants and expectations. Post-operative appearance must be planned to general body structure in advance. Further information in regard to techniques to be used could be provided by the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation as post operative scars differ according to operative technique.

The operation is carried out under general anestesia in hospitals. The length of the operation time varies between two and four hours according to the technique to be used. A patient stays at the hospital for one or two days after the operation. Generally the person, who undergoes operation, comes back to work, within three and four days.

After operation

Brassiere which is recommended by doctor is used for a certain period of time. Operative scars fade in time and they disappear in the long term. If assimetry or any problem occur, they could be recovered any time after the operation.



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