PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

prpSkin aging is a process caused by inner and outher factors. Sun exposure, aging, smoking and stress show bad effects on the skin. They cause loosing, spotting, wrinkles and bad view on the skin. Deformation of skin structure result from the decrease in the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers. PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, can be used to ameliorate them. Platelets are cells which exist in blood circulation and include some growth factors. The aim of PRP is to give more growth factors secreted in regular healing process to the skin.

PRP is obtained from a small amount of blood by means of centrifugal machine. PRP can be apply into the skin through syringe or roller, and on the skin after the peeling or dermabrasion. PRP provides more effective,longer and more permanent results, if it is used with micro-dermabrasion. PRP does not cause allergies or ilnesses because PRP is prepared from self blood.

Although PRP might be used in multiple areas such as Dentistry, Ortophedia and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it’s main area is skin rejuvenation in aesthetic surgery. PRP might be used on face, neck and low-neck area for skin rejuvenation. It is also used on scalp, hand and other body areas. PRP might be combined with other skin procedures so it provides skin rejuvenation rapidly. It also helps decrease of wrinkles, scar, loss of hair, and provides the skin with elasticity and gloss. It treats wrinkles and lines by increasing new collagen regeneration.

PRP is not applied to the patients with trompocytopenia and cancer.

What is the advantages of PRP?

  • It has long lasting effect and it could be repeated
  • The application of PRP is easy and safe
  • It does not treat wrinkles and lines by augmentation, but treats wrinkles and lines by increasing new collagen regeneration
  • PRP stops hair loss and provides good effect
  • PRP is native and it does not cause allergies, because it is regenerated from self blood.

Repeated applications should be done to obtain long lasting effect.



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